Aqua Cycle Quality

If you are looking for a quality pontoon paddle boat for either personal or rental use, you want to look at the Aqua Cycle. The quality of the Aqua Cycle pontoon paddle boat and the customer service provided by American Pleasure Products is unparalleled.

Aqua Cycle II Pontoon Paddle Boat
Children, Moms and Dads, and even Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy the great fun of being on the water with Aqua Cycle Paddle Boats. No worry of swamping or tipping over, these boats have been manufactured for over 40 years with safety in mind. Environmentally friendly, great for healthy exercise, and no fuel to buy. Aqua Cycle is the original pontoon paddle boat.

Quality is built in for years and years of hassle free use. Used Aqua Cycle paddle boats do not get sold, they get handed down to the next generation. Aluminum, stainless steel, and urethane construction make for minimal maintenance. The pontoons are made from heavy duty aluminum that compares with the larger motorized pontoon boats. The crankshaft is solid forged construction for dependable strength; twin staggered 6 bladed paddle wheels offer a quiet and efficient ride; front and rear synchronized rudders allow highly maneuverable turns; and adjustable bench seats allow more comfort and efficiency for children through adults. Coupled with tempered paddle and rudder blades these boats are made to withstand the rigors of resort and rental use.

With 5 Aqua Cycle models to choose from there is a boat to fit all needs. Come ride an Aqua Cycle to experience more fun on the water.

Aqua Cycle Paddle Boats

Manufactured by:
American Pleasure Products, Inc.
2823 E. Industrial Dr.
Rose City, MI 48654

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Aqua Cycle Pontoon Paddle Boats are made in the U.S.A.